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We solve the problem of monitoring and calculating prices, according to the competition.

Gain a competitive edge in price comparison engines

Automatic Product Price Calculation

Our Platform monitors the prices of your competitors for each product, applies pricing policy criteria that you set and calculates the prices of your products automatically, intelligently and reliably.

Automatic Product Data Collection

The daily collection of photos, features, descriptions, etc. for your products is time consuming and laborious. Our Platform collects all this data from central points (eg price comparison engines) and produces a file ready for import into your system. (We deliver the json file, XML, CSV etc to the schema you want)

Custom Data Extraction

We convert any site you indicate to us, into data ready for use by your own systems.
(We deliver the json file, XML, CSV etc to the schema you want)

Our Services

Automatic Product Price Calculation

Automatic calculation of the price for each product you have, according to the prices of your competitors and with criteria that you determine.

Let’s automate the way you calculate the prices of your products, saving valuable time monitoring and changing prices. Get ahead by increasing your sales.
The Automated Price Calculation solution combines competitors’ prices with pricing policy criteria you set, to make sure that your products are competitive 24 hours a day on price comparison engines.

Automatic Product Data Collection

Automate the process of finding photos, descriptions, features, etc. for your products.

The daily products entry in your e-shop is a recurring process of vital importance.
However, it is usually time consuming as you will have to collect all the data for each product manually.
Our Platform collects all the information you need about your products. Photos, features, descriptions and everything else, producing a final file that you import into your system and creating the products automatically.
If you do not have an importer we can implement it for you.

Single or Repeated Data Export

We convert any site you indicate to us, into data ready for use by your system.

Want to use data from a site but the process of copying it is very time consuming?
Indicate the sites you are interested in and we will export the data you are interested in. News articles, charts, lists are just a few examples.

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We are a small team of Software Engineers / Web Developers with many years of experience in the field. Combining knowledge, imagination and innovation, we are able to offer our customers essential tools that bring results.

Our Mission

To provide excellent services and value to our customers through innovative digital tools, while building a relationship of trust.